Benefits of Ecotourism Ireland Certification:


Our aim is to assist members and certified companies to be able to promote the message of their responsible tourism credentials to help market themselves in a confident, professional and accurate way.

Being trained and independently audited allows companies to communicate what they have done and how they operate responsibly with confidence that they are not ‘green washing’.  It allows you to shout from the rooftops about being a leader in responsible tourism.

In addition, Ecotourism Ireland’s own marketing and promotional efforts will help to push forward the whole agenda of responsible tourism and those companies who have actively engaged with it.

Cost Benefits:

After initial investment in energy saving measures (LED lighting, insulation, power saving practises etc.) it is normal for the business to experience significant cost savings in energy bills.

Competitive Edge:

Sustainability is a hot topic and only getting hotter.  As customers become more discerning, both your B2B and B2C business will benefit from you being ahead of the game.  You will have a clear, transparent and audited label to communicate.

It’s fantastic for team engagement:

This is a fundamentally feel-good journey to embark on, and one that requires the participation and support of your whole team.  It gives your team ownership and pride in what you as a company are doing.


Above all else, your business needs to sustain itself as a business and we fully support that.  We will help you find solutions that utilise and work with what you already have in the best and most responsible way.  Frequently this is about planning for the future and pledging small changes and transition.

It’s the right thing to do:

Developing a clear structure and greater understanding of responsible business practises is future proofing in the best possible way.  We need a sustainable world for a sustainable future for all that we know.

It’s not complicated:

One step at a time.  This is not rocket science, but it will provide you with a game-changing set of tools to work with.