Our Philosophy

Core to ecotourism and to the Ecotourism Ireland philosophy is the concept of environmental sustainability and the label has been very much developed with this in mind, in order to ensure that the environmental impacts of Certified ecotourism products are minimised. The label also encourages proactive nature conservation and the promotion of local cultural values, while at the same time developing local economies and the long term viability of ecotourism destinations.

The system is designed to be business friendly and aims to act as a road map for development by providing a structured approach for the creation of new ecotourism experiences. At all levels, operators can also be confident that they are meeting all the principles of ecotourism, particularly in relation to nature conservation, eco-friendly practices and ensuring the provision of local benefits.

What are the Benefits of Certification to a Tourism Provider?

A wide range of benefits are available to ecotourism operators adopting the Ecotourism Ireland label ranging from environmental benefits through to actual marketing advantages. In environmental terms operators can save money by adopting eco-friendly practices, particularly in relation to energy use, and the label makes its easier for the ecotourism product promoter to address environmental and conservation issues through asking questions such as:

  • How does my company actively conserve the environment?
  • How does my ecotourism product support the local community?
  • How does my ecotourism product support local organic producers?
  • What role does environmental education play in my activities?
  • How do I reduce the carbon footprint of my ecotourism product?