What can be Labelled?

What does the label look like?

The label is a printed Logo with the current year and the individual
company’s registration approval number within the system.

What can be labelled?

The Ecotourism Ireland Label can be applied to travel and tourism products that are nature based and have an element of interpretation involved. These may include: guided wildlife tours, nature based training courses, instructed outdoor activity, some tour operators specialising in outdoor activities, food trails, archaeology tours, hill walking trips .

The label has been designed to be a graduated type award which can
communicate different levels of achievement to travellers. (i.e. Gold,
Silver, Bronze). The label can only be applied to individual products, not to the entire product range of a particular
company. However, if a company has a number of different ecotourism type experiences on offer then these canbe grouped under one application and award, provided that similar policies and practices are applied across all the ecotourism products offered.

All products applying for certification will be subject to an on site audit by an independent qualified ecotourism auditor before approval.