Do you monitor your resources and waste?

Organisation   Details
Country of origin
The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) This umbrella network of Ireland covers all leading environmental groups. They work on the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive of Ireland. Ireland
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The EPA is Ireland’s statutory body for the balanced and sustainable protection and management for the environment. They are a provider of excellent educational workshops and conferences. The EPA is a leading voice on climate change. Ireland
Ecoland Ecoland is a Irish supplier for Green office supplies, they sell recycled paper also. Ireland
ESB ESB’s website offer advice and guidance on good energy management for homes and businesses Ireland
Freecycle This company is a UK and Ireland recycling organisation which has created an online community aimed at people redistributing unwanted items to people who can make use of them. Worldwide
GreenBusiness This website offers audit tools, case studies and information on energy management, in association with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland
Green Tourism Canadian Toolkit Green Tourism, Canadian Toolkit offers a wide variety of DIY resources for all types of tourism businesses. Canada
Renewable Energy World This International online information website covers all types of renewable energy developments and products. USA
Repak Repak is an industry funded non-profit making organisation established to help Irish businesses meet their legal recycling obligations. Ireland
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEI) SEI was set up by the government in 2002 as Ireland’s national energy agency. They promote and assist the development of sustainable energy. The website offers information, training, grants and services to ecotourism businesses. Ireland
The Travel Foundation This Independent UK charity aims to help the outbound travel industry by managing tourism more sustainably. This website is an excellent source of information and ecotourism guidelines. UK
Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) CER is an Independent body responsible for the liberalisation of Ireland’s energy sector. They are responsible for the rolling out of smart meters in Ireland. Ireland