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Association of Irish Festivals and Events (AOIFE)


This organisation is an all-island resource and support network for festivals and events.





Ballymaloe Cookery School Ireland’s foremost cookery school located on an organic farm run by celebrated chef, and food writer Darina Allen. www.cookingisfun.ie Ireland
Bord Bia The Irish Food Board is responsible for promoting Irish food, and creating a link between suppliers and potential customers. www.bordbia.ie Ireland
Burren Ecotourism Network (BEN) Burren Ecotourism Network is a regional network of Burren businesses committed to ecotourism practices. www.burrenecotourism.com Ireland
Culturefox This is a online guide listing Irish cultural events. www.culturefox.ie Ireland
Fairtrade Fairtrade addresses some of the economic imbalances around the world, by requiring companies to pay sustainable prices to suppliers of produce. www.fairtrade.ie &www.fairtrade.org.uk Worldwide
Garrai Glas This is a TG4 television programme focusing on growing produce at home.  www.garraiglas.ie Ireland
GIY Ireland This grassroots organisation inspires people to grow their own food and give them the skills they need to do so. www.giyireland.com Ireland
Irish Farmers Markets This website is a online shopping facility for produce from farmers markets around Ireland. www.irishfarmersmarkets.ie Ireland
Red Earth Kitchen This is an award winning producer of ready-made, locally sourced, home prepared meals for tourism accommodations. www.kitchensuppers.co.uk Ireland
Slow Food Ireland Slow Food is an international movement started in Italy, to promote the use of local foods as an inherent part of a country’s cultural heritage, as well as supporting local producers. www.slowfoodireland.com Worldwide
The Organic Centre The Centre promotes organic horticulture, gardening and sustainable living through training, demonstration and community projects.  www.theorganiccentre.ie Ireland
The Organic Supermarket The website has a Shop and a online facility to buy organic food.  www.organicsupermarket.com Ireland
West Cork Markets This is a network of farmers and craft markets in West Cork, with a website promoting local produce and events in their region. www.westcorkmarkets.com Ireland
Bibliocook Food Blog. www.bibliocook.com Ireland
Basketcase Food Blog. www.basketcasetheblog.blogspot.com Ireland
Eat Like a Girl Food Blog. www.eatlikeagirl.com UK and Ireland
Foodfight Food Blog. www.foodfight.ie Ireland
Georginia Campbell’s Ireland This is a family run website and  specialising in Irish food hospitality and travel. www.ireland-guide.com Ireland
Good Food Ireland A Marketing body promoting Irish artisan food produce and food tourism in Ireland. They include eateries, shops and producers. www.goodfoodireland.ie Ireland
Irish Food Bloggers This is a online network of Irish food bloggers www.irishfoodbloggers.com Ireland
Marine Stewardship Council The Marine Stewardship Council Certifies sustainable seafood runs. They work with partners to transform the world’s seafood markets and promote sustainable fishing practices. www.msc.org International
Our Land This is a U.K. initiative with the National Parks, Defra and Responsible Travel to collaborate in creating sustainable holidays near designated lands. www.our-land.co.uk U.K.
Ollie’s Place This Food blog specialises in the Irish organic movement. www.olivermoore.blogspot.com Ireland
The Seaweed Centre This centre is a online resource for Irish seaweed. www.seaweed.ie Ireland
Irish Seaweed Kitchen This website is a online resource with recipes and books. www.prannie.com Ireland
The Soil Association The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organic certification body. They certify organic food, farms, organic textiles and beauty products. www.soilassociation.org U.K.
Tripbod This is a web based service for independent travellers. The organisation vet local experts who promote authentic experience using local knowledge. www.tripbod.com Worldwide