EcoTourism Ireland Handbook

Our roadmap for development a structured approach for the creation of new ecotourism experiences & standards.

The unspoilt nature of much of the island of Ireland has encouraged a number of tourism businesses both North and South to establish themselves as green or ecotourism operators. EcoTourism Ireland is working to develop these resources further with the aim of establishing Ireland as a world class ecotourism destination with a strong focus on high ecotourism standards. EcoTourism Ireland is an organisation which was set up to stimulate the development of ecotourism countrywide.

To achieve these ends it has facilitated the development of a quality label which will provide a structured approach for the creation of new ecotourism experiences and standards in Ireland, and at the same time defend the ethical values of existing ecotourism operators. In addition, the label has been designed to guide visitors’ travel choices while helping them to choose promoters of ecotourism products and the experiences they have on offer. Core to ecotourism and EcoTourism Ireland’s philosophy is the concept of environmental sustainability and the label has been very much developed with this in mind, in order to ensure that the environmental impacts of approved ecotourism products are minimised.

The label also encourages proactive nature conservation and the promotion of local cultural values, while at the same time developing local economies and the long term viability of ecotourism destinations.

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