Ecotourism Marketing

In marketing terms the Ecotourism Ireland label makes it easier for visitors to find high quality experiences and guarantees a high quality of delivery of the services. It becomes both an image for promoters and is also a reassuring factor for visitors that their holiday is the genuine article. Finally the label makes it easier for tour operators to promote ecotourism experiences to potential visitors and drives the development of new, innovative and genuine ecotourism travel products.

How will the Label be Marketed?

Ecotourism Ireland will endeavour to market the label as efficiently as possible with the goal being to gain respect, arouse curiosity, create strong interest and promote a high brand value for the label and its associated ecotourism products.

What Does the Company Receive in Return for Approved Products?

Those who have been awarded the Ecotourism Ireland Label will receive the following:

1. An listing on the website

2. A certificate that can be displayed at the product promoters premises stating that the promoter is an “Approved ecotourism operator” and detailing the specific products that have been certified

3. The right to use the Ecotourism Ireland logo on all marketing material associated with the certified product

4. The right to be included in Ecotourism Ireland’s own marketing system
(web based, P.R, etc)

5. General participation in Fáilte Ireland / Tourism Ireland publicity programmes as part of ecotourism destination marketing

6. Opportunity to apply, as part of destination, for MASS (Failte Ireland trade support scheme).

7. Promotion through Tourism Ireland websites

8. An individual profile page on the website and link to own website

9. A wall plaque (designed and manufactured by the Leitrim Sculpture Centre) that can be displayed at the product promoters premises. Only for Gold/Silver Business premises.

10. Opportunities to host visiting journalists sponsored by Fáilte Ireland

11. Other opportunities as Fáilte Ireland’s general classification
schemes progress.

If an application is successful, Ecotourism Ireland will invoice the applicant for an annual license (membership) fee. Promoters seeking certification will
be subject to an on-site inspection of the product. The product will be subject
to reassessment every two years. Up to a maximum of three individual packages can be assessed in one visit (This is designed to encourage promoters to develop multiple experiences, however, each will still be subject to the annual individual license fee).

With Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board backing ecotourism as a major contributor to Ireland’s green brand, the promotional channels for Irish ecotourism providers are opening up all the time.

You are no longer fighting against other niche products for a piece of the national marketing pie. The most important result of this big move of Irish tourism towards promoting itself as a green destination is that an ecotourism product now has the potential to reach worldwide markets.

However, the buck doesn’t stop here. Any ecotourism business must be ready to take on a busy, proactive marketing campaign, not just in order to sell its own product, but also to play a major part in the bigger sustainable tourism picture in Ireland.