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Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) UK Green tourism and responsible travel are key concerns for AITO and its members. Each potential member’s sustainable tourism credentials are examined before they may join, this is to ensure sustainability.
AITO is the first tourism industry association to incorporate into its business charter a commitment to responsible travel and green tourism. Sustainable travel guidelines for its members based upon 5 key objectives. UK
Association of Irish Festivals and Events (AOIFE) AOIFE is an all-island resource and support network for festivals and events with a members forum on the website. Ireland
Burren EcoTourism Network (BEN) This regional network of Burren businesses is committed to ecotourism practices, they work to market and develop an accredited ecotourism destination in a Geopark region. Ireland
Carbon Trust This website is a great resource. They have created good awareness posters for staff and guests within the sustainability market. UK
Carnegie Trust UK Carnegie Trust UK is a international NGO with excellent community and training resources in resilience empowerment. UK & Ireland
Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Wales CAT offers educational visitors centres. They also have practical solution for sustainability, green living, environmental buildings, eco sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy and organic growing. UK This Irish portal is for environmental initiatives at local, business and community level. Ireland
Climate Justice Mary Robinson created this NGO to influence climate change. The organisation is a working network for women and policy makers to influence change. Global
Ecoclub Ecoclub is an international ecotourism website. International
Eco label index This index is a website resource for all Ecolabels internationally. International
Eco Homes and Gardens An Award winning web portal sourcing all types of ecoproducts. The website also has a blog and they advertise many events. They have a good eco documentary film on their website. Ireland
French Ecotourism Association (SFA) Established in 2005 to disseminate the concept of ecotourism in France and to promote ideas among professionals and the general public. France
Ecotourism Magazine ATD is an association that wishes to unite, inform, represent and promote the French actors of Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism. France
Ecotourism Australia Eco-certification programme for all types of operators Australia
Ecotourism Norway This organisation was one of the first leaders in Ecotourism certification worldwide. Norway
Ecological Institute Poland Poland’s Social Ecological Institute is an NGO. They lead and support ecological initiatives in Poland. Poland
Ecotourism Association Romania This Association operates an ecotourism certification programme for Romania. Romania
Ecotourism Spain The rural green tourism organisation use the ECEAT EU label throughout Spain. Spain
Ecotourism Finland This organisation is Finland’s network of Green Ecotourism Businesses Finland
Ecotourism Association Estonia Estonia’s NGO non profit promoting ecotourism Estonia
Ecotourism Ireland Ireland’s only ecotourism certification programme to International standards (GTSC standards). Ecotourism Ireland offer training, guest speakers, web resources and advocacy roles for the Ecotourism sector. Ireland
EcoNatural Ecopaper EcoNatural is a line of products made from Fiberpack®, the raw material obtained from recycled cellulose fibres present in beverage cartons. Fiberpack® is an environmental and technological break-through which comes from a collaboration between Lucart Group and Tetra Pak®.Lucart Professional EcoNatural is committed to sustainable development, through innovative technologies aimed at the environment protection and quality life improvement. Europe
European Ecotourism Europe’s network of European Ecotourism projects. Europe
Destinet Destinet is a multi-stakeholder sustainable tourism observatory. They work with knowledge networking tools, best practice database and the global green market place. Europe
ICER Project ICER is a European Project of tourism destinations. Public agencies create policy proposals for sustainable tourism. Ireland & European Partners
ENFO ENFO is an information resource on the environment supported by the Department of the Environment. Ireland
EU Flower Ecolabel The EU flower was set up by the EU Commission, this certification scheme is aimed at helping consumers recognise green, eco-friendly products. The EU flower applies to accommodation only in tourism. www.ecolabel-tourism.euand training site EU Member countries
Global Geopark Global Geopark is a UNESCO designation for geological resources and landscapes. It was awarded to the Burren, Marble Arch Caves in Femanagh and the Copper Coast in Waterford. Worldwide
Fairtrade Fairtrade addresses some of the economic imbalances around the world by requiring companies to pay sustainable prices to suppliers of produce. Working mainly with developing countries it ensures better prices for producers, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade. & Worldwide
Forum for the Future This UK charity works in partnership with public institutions, leading businesses and national and local government to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable way of life. The website is a good source of info, research and publications. UK
Friends of the Earth Ireland Friends of the Earth Ireland is an international campaigning charity ensuring environmental justice and sustainability. Ireland
Green Hospitality Award (GHA) The Green Hospitality Award is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency under the National Waste Prevention Programme. All Hospitality Businesses can recieve either the Eco-label or Award. Ireland
Green loons Green loons is a company dedicated to providing family holiday planners with sustainable and ecotourism operators USA
Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) The Green Tourism Business Scheme, has been running since 1997 and has over 2000 members across the whole of the UK and Ireland UK & Ireland
Global Sustainable Tourism Council The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is a global multi-stakeholder membership organisation dedicated to increasing the reach, awareness and recognition of sustainable tourism practices through large and small enterprise operations. They do this by endorsing the principles of the GSTC Criteria. Global
Green Traveler UK This is a Green Travel website, brimming with ideas and good articles. The website lists green accommodation and things to do. UK
Green Team USA Green Team USA is a eco marketing agency. Their website is a good starting point for research publications, CSR and the awakening customer. USA
Kalahari – Carol Patterson Ecotourism Specialist This is an excellent ecotourism resource, the website provides case studies and is a publisher of the business of ecotourism. Canada
Responsible Travel The website is a leading retailer of worldwide responsible tourism products. There is also a online blog and forum. They also have an annual awards scheme. UK
The Heritage Council The Heritage Council has responsibility to promote interest, education, knowledge and pride in Ireland’s national heritage. This includes monuments, archaeological objects, architectural heritage and Gardens. Ireland
Fostering Sustainable Behavior This is a Global Community Based Social Marketing Web portal for all public campaigns, results and forums. International
NIE Northern Ireland NIE is an NGO of networks of Environmental organisations education, networking and supporting advocacy groups. Northern Ireland
International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) The international centre for responsible Tourism (ICRT) is based in Leeds Metropolitan University, they offer post graduate training and research in responsible tourism. UK
National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS) This organisation has come about due to a rapidly increasing demand for organic produce, NOTS offers training courses for organic farmers, stakeholder and small food producers in Ireland. Ireland
N8URJOB Online learning the business of Ecotourism This is a European funded lifelong learning project. Meath Partnership is involved to develop resources online. EU
Ourland The UK national parks and local tourism boards offer a new portal for agri and ecotourism. This business project is funded by Defra and Responsible travel. UK
Organic Places to Stay This online directory and book of accommodation incorporates the principles of the organic movement into their hospitality. In 2009 they published a book of Organic Places to stay in the UK and Ireland. It is available to buy online. UK
The Pixel Pod Pixelpod is a carbon neutral graphic and website design
studio based in Wexford town. We plant a tree for every
design job we complete.By working with local expert suppliers we help ensure your newly
designed material is executed professionally and sustainably.
It is our belief that we can make positive change, with our work,
ourselves and with our clients. Ireland
Purchase Ireland is an Irish based business founded in 2009. They specialise in the whole area of eco-friendly products. There products range enable their customers to save energy, conserve water and reduce waste. Ireland
Planeta This is an online journal of international ecotourism. They have great articles and a interesting forum for debate. USA
Smart Planet Smart Planet is a customer e-magazine with plenty of articles, reviews and product information on all things green. UK
Sustainable Developments This website is a good source of information on sustainable product suppliers in Ireland. They also have a green directory on their website. Ireland
Sustainable Tourism Ireland (STI) STI is an Irish organisation aimed at building a community of like-minded businesses sharing a vision and passion of growing sustainable tourism in Ireland. Ireland
Sustainable Trip This comprehensive website features certified sustainable holidays with the Rain Forest Alliance. North/South America & the Caribbean
Talk tourism Talk tourism is a online forum for debate and discussion of all aspects of tourism in Ireland. Ireland
Transition Towns This is a network of transition towns. The website also has a online resource library and discussion forum. Ireland
The Ecotourism Society (TIES) TIES is uniting conservation, communities and sustainable travel issues. They also represent stakeholders from around the world. Worldwide
The Travel Foundation The Travel Foundation is an independent UK charity aiming to help the outbound travel industry manage tourism more sustainably. The website is an excellent source of information and ecotourism guidelines. UK
Tourism Concern This charity campaigns against exploitation in the global tourism industry. UK
Travel Mole Vision The sustainable section of Travel mole website is acclaimed. The Global online community is for the travel and tourism industry. This is an excellent source of news and developments in ecotourism activities. UK
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) The United Nations environmental department is aimed at encouraging international partnership in caring for the environment. The website is an excellent source of information and publications. International
World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) UNWTO is a UN agency and a leading international tourism organisation. It plays a central role in promoting the development of responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism. They encourage the implementation of its global code of ethics for tourism. Spain
Volunteer This website is for volunteers wishing to travel and experience ecotourism businesses. Global
World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) This is an online forum for business leaders in the Travel & Tourism Industry. It is a good source of information and research portal. They are also the founders of the Tourism For Tomorrow Awards. UK & Global
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