Irish Organisations

Organisation  Details
An Taisce An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland, was established in 1948 and considers itself the oldest environmental and non-governmental organisation in Ireland. Ireland
Astronomy Ireland The National Astronomy Club is an all Ireland organisation & is the largest national Astronomy club in the world. Ireland
Bat Conservation Ireland Bat Conservation Ireland is a Charity dedicated to the conservation of Ireland’s bats. They monitor bats nationwide. Ireland
BirdWatch Ireland BirdWatch Ireland is focused on the conservation of birds and biodiversity in Ireland. They aim to target Ireland’s resources effectively so that the organisation can promote nature conservation among policy makers and the wider public. Ireland
Butterfly Conservation Ireland The organisation is a group of naturalists committed to the conservation of butterflies, moths and their habitats. Ireland
CELT CELT is a registered charity providing education, training and awareness-raising in environmental issues,sustainable living and nature conservation Ireland
Coast watch Ireland Coast watch Europe is an international network of environmental groups, universities and other educational establishments. Ireland & Europe
Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland Organisation offering conservation opportunities for groups or individuals across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Ireland & Northern Ireland
Crann An Irish NGO promoting tree culture in Ireland. The organisation replants broadleaf trees throughout Ireland. Ireland

ECO-UNESCO provides environmental, sustainability and youth training for personal and continuous professional development (CPD) to a wide range of stakeholders from both public and private sectors. Ireland
Forest Friends Ireland Forest Friends was Founded in 2002 to provide an alternative to a rampant monoculture forestry policy & have a strategic objective to plant native species Ireland & Africa
Friends of the Earth Ireland International campaigning charity ensuring environmental justice and sustainability. Ireland
Friends of the Irish Environment Network of environmentalists and conservationists committed to protecting Ireland’s environment. Ireland
Hedge Laying Association of Ireland Organisation encouraging the facilitation, conservation, protection and appropriate management of hedgerows and supporting the craft of hedge laying. Ireland
Irish Environmental Network A Network of National Environmental Organisations in Ireland, protecting and enhancing the natural environment for the benefit of communities now and for generations to come. Ireland
The Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Association The Federation aims to unite the Beekeepers of Ireland for their mutual benefit to foster efficient beekeeping, honey production and marketing. Ireland
Interpretation Association National Association for Interpretation carry out training to understand nature. Global
Irish Natural Forestry Foundation Researching, demonstrating and promoting sustainable forestry practice. Ireland
Irish Peatland Conservation Council Irish Membership Conservation organisation aimed at protecting Ireland’s bogs for people to enjoy now and into the future. Ireland
Irish Seal Sanctuary Ireland’s only voluntary marine wildlife rescue NGO. Ireland
Irish Seed Savers Association The main objective of this association is the conservation of Ireland’s very special and threatened plant genetic resources. Their work focuses on the preservation of heritage varieties that are suitable for Ireland’s unique growing conditions Ireland
Irish Whale and Dolphin Group Conservation group for better understanding of whales, dolphins and porpoises in Irish waters. Ireland
Irish Wildlife Trust The Irish Wildlife Trust campaign for the conservation of Ireland’s wildlife and habitats. Ireland
In naturalist

In Naturalist is an online community of naturalists. Worldwide
Leave no Trace Leave no Trace is an outdoor ethics programme designed to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. Worldwide
Primary Science Primary Science are a network of projects in nature. They have developed a curriculum for science and biology for education groups. Ireland
The Native Woodland Trust The Native Woodland Trust is a conservation organisation working towards the preservation and recreation of native woodlands using only native seeds. Ireland
National Biodiversity Data Centre Biodiversity Maps provides access to high quality information on Ireland’s biological diversity. Ireland
National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) National government agency for protected landscapes, habitats, flora and fauna, responsible for Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Natural Heritage Areas (NHA) Nature Reserves. Ireland
Notice Nature Ireland’s public awareness campaign on biodiversity. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and to encourage everyone to play their part in its protection. Ireland
Tree Council of Ireland The Tree Council of Ireland is a voluntary non-governmental organisation formed to promote the planting, care and conservation of trees in both urban and rural areas. Ireland
Woodland League The Woodland League is a not-for-profit independent community-based organisation.Their aim is to restore the relationship between people and their woodlands. Ireland
Wild Food Mentor The Wild Food Mentor is a online resource for wild food and foraging. U.K.