maxmising eco tourism certification benefits

Communicating EcoTourism or how to attract ecotourists to your ecotourist business

Are you communicating your eco assets?

Once you have defined yourself as an ecotourism business, and gone for a chosen certification or eco-label, the next issue is how to maximise the marketing benefits.

An ecotourism business cannot succeed without effective marketing and up to date
communication skills.

This Handbook was developed based on Ecotourism Ireland experience and know-how, with inputs of partners Social Ecological Institute Poland and Skagakaia Norway in the framework of the project Support for certified ecotourism learning programme in European rural area,

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Leonardo da Vinci Project – Sforce Project, A European Network

The project was established to promote European EcoTourism certifications. The three countries that work in partnership are Ireland, Poland and Norway.

The partnership works on creating and reinforcing education tools to help the development of ecotourism businesses in European rural areas, using existing national or regional ecotourism certification schemes. The partnership consists of 3 partners that already have experience in creating or contributing to the development of ecotourism certification systems in their countries and are leading in educating farmers, small businesses owners, local communities and local governments to develop ecotourism services and products in rural areas. However the certification schemes can be national, the partners are small size, and are implementing education for ecotourism businesses in local communities and in geographically defined rural areas.  The partnership focuses on exchanging the experience of educators (certification system managers, NGO members, trainers) and learners (farmers, agro and ecotourism business owners, local governments representatives) on how to:

• develop the ecotourism certification systems and make them self sustainable, training system managers

• motivate and help farmers and small business owners to change their business profile to ecotourism

• market ecotourist businesses through certification systems at national and international level

• attract and receive foreign tourists in rural ecotourist businesses

• use certification systems to develop business sustainable profile, effectiveness and profitability

• develop the tourist destination around the ecotourism businesses using certification schemes

The project will support these local and national initiatives through european cooperation, intercultural exchange, know-how transfer.

The following are the three partner organisations in the Sforce Programme:

EcoTourism Ireland- http://www.ecotourismireland.ie/

EcoTourism Poland (Social Ecological Institute Poland) – http://www.sie.org.pl/

EcoTourism Norway (The Norwegian Ecotourism Association)-http://www.ecotourismnorway.no/


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