Rob Rankin, Managing Director

With 17 years under his belt as owner and director of Vagabond Tours, Rob’s knowledge of the Irish tourism industry is even stronger than his love of Ireland – and that’s saying something! As a passionate advocate for a tourism model that supports the health of community and environment, he believes that eco-certification is the way forward.

Ciara Myburgh, General Manager

Coming from a rich tapestry of experiences, from making movies to milking cows, Ciara’s passion for the natural world and Ireland’s unique beauty found their perfect outlet when she began guiding for Vagabond. During her three years of pinching herself each time she turned a corner to another stunning view, she found the subject of preservation steadily growing in her mind. Such an incredible landscape and people, a place from which no person leaves unchanged. Ours is a rich culture and land that needs to be protected and restored so that people might continue to inhabit with joy and visit with delight for generations to come.

Ciara was delighted to find the perfect solution to combine her passions for tourism and conservation when she became our general manager.

Mary Mulvey, Trainer and Director

Founder of Ecotourism Ireland, Mary is renowned both nationally and internationally as a leading expert and professional in her field.  She has spoken at numerous international conferences and trained groups throughout Europe. Her passion, experience and knowledge puts her at the forefront of responsible and sustainable tourism in Ireland.  

Mary has been responsible for the long-term development and evolution of our world-class standards in ecotourism since initiating the Greenbox Cross Border Project (2004-2011).  Today, Ecotourism Ireland (founded 2009) stands strong as the only GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) recognised eco-certification for tourism businesses in Ireland.  

Mary Mulvey is the Global Sustainable Tourism Council representative for the island of Ireland.