Success Stories & Case Studies
Cnoc Suain, Co. Galway- EcoTourism Ireland Gold
Charlie Troy runs a family owned sustainable business called Cnoc Suain in Connemara in County Galway. Mr. Troy restored a traditional Irish hill village. He put Ecological principles in place from day one. The benefits of an EcoTourism Ireland award to Cnoc Suain are great because it sets a quality standard and the levels Gold, Silver and Bronze allows a measurement within the ecotourism market. The international visitors to the business come from mainland Europe, Scandinavia and the North East of America. These tourists are very aware of the overall philosophy behind EcoTourism and appreciate the cultural and natural history of the area.

Slieve Aughty Centre, Co. Galway- EcoTourism Ireland Silver

Tracy Burroughs and Merel Zyderlaan are the representatives from the Slieve Aughty Centre. This centre has three distinctive businesses under the one roof. The three projects that have been developed are the equestrian centre, the three towers guesthouse and the organic restaurant. This restaurant is one of only two organic certified restaurants on the Island of Ireland. In all the highest sustainability standards have been achieved. The EcoTourism Ireland certification gives recognition to the 26-year history of sustainability at the centre. The training was very helpful because it focused on varied areas of the business. Different staff members also got involved in the EcoTourism Ireland tutorials.

Riverside Paradise, Co. Galway- EcoTourism Ireland Silver

Peter Downey owns a house on the banks of the Shannon. He has an excellent location and a unique Ecotourism experience. EcoTourism Ireland and the networking with other like-minded people were great. Riverside Paradise has a Silver Certificate. The EcoTourism Ireland workshops added to the experience. Sustainable products up to now has not been embraced by the bigger tourism agencies. EcoTourism Ireland fills the gap in the market for sustainable SME’s to flourish.



Clareville House Kitchen Garden, Co. Clare

Deborah Evers, talks about the benefits of using EcoTourism Ireland training in her business. The company she runs is called Clareville House Kitchen Garden. She believes the Burran EcoTourism network has evolved from the support network initially provided by EcoTourism Ireland. She highlights the workshop training and believes the training was excellent and provides materials and tools for everyday use in ones business.