The Journey from Tourism to Ecotourism

Every business is different, but there are two things for sure. First, every business can become an ecotourism business. It can respect the environment, support the local economy and be culturally and socially aware. Whether it is a farmhouse in Fermanagh or a seaweed bathhouse in Sligo. Second, it does not have to cost you more money in the long term. Sustainability is the core o of any ecotourism business, and that also means making sure that you can sustain yourself well into the future as a thriving business.

You might be thinking about establishing an ecotourism business from scratch, or working out the best ways to upgrade your business from a good tourism business to an even better ecotourism business. Whatever your goal, there are many ways to reduce your footprints, and many steps you can take to be more ethical throughout your tourism business practices. With the ecotourism market growing three times faster than the rest of the tourism industry, it is no longer just the green converts who strive to make these changes. Ecotourism is, out of necessity and through consumer demand, taking a worldwide move from niche to norm.