Ecotourism Ireland s  next training courses for businesses interested in having their products accredited by the ecotourism label will be 

The nature of Ecotourism Education is best delivered to networks or at destination level where a group of businesses decided they wish to develop their products based on this ethos. We now offer online one to training with times to suit your needs in a webinar format .

Ecotourism Ireland’s training and facilitation has emerging from the success of the Greenbox project as Ireland’s’ first genuine ecotourism destination. This saw the establishment of a set of standards based on sound environmental practices highlighting all that the region and its people has to offer.

The new EcoTourism Ireland label has been successfully piloted in the Burren, Co Clare with the Burren Ecotourism Network 2010 and in Co. Galway, with the East Galway Network in 2011.We work with individual companies all over Ireland and can help with product development and creating experiences for you to certify.

Some businesses may feel that training tailored to meet the specific culture of their business can offer a better solution to their particular needs. Ecotourism Ireland provides such services.

For more information please contact  [email protected]  or 087 -6841531

Ecotourism Ireland

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